Special Cargo

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Special Solutions for Special Cargo

Seal-lead takes into employment knowledgeable and skillful people as well as modern equipment, offering you first class project cargo management. Right people and expertise alongside our modern equipment enable us to provide individualized solutions for our customers.

Types of Special Cargo

In-Gauge Cargo

Special cargo of dimension smaller than those of the flat rack or open top container (Special equipment are required for handling In-Gauge Cargo).

Out-Of-Gauge Cargo

This type of cargo is also carried via flat rack or open top container, however dimension of Out-Of-Gauge Cargo is beyond the size of the standard containers.

Breakbulk Cargo

Breakbulk Cargo also known as non-unitised cargo with dimension greatly beyond the size of the standard containers. Other types of Cargo that are heavier than the weight limits of containers would be handled as Breakbulk Cargo.


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