Reefer Cargo

Better product quality and consistency

Temperature-controlled transport at Sea-Lead

Specialization in transport of temperature-sensitive products

Due to an increasing need for reefer market logistics to ship range of goods labeled as perishable, over great distances; Sea-Lead has increasingly invested on reefer equipment. From fresh agricultural produce to frozen foods and pharmaceutical products of high value, all are handled delicately at Sea-Lead.


Unbroken cold chain to ensure shelf life of products  

Temperature-controlled transport at Sea-Lead offers businesses the flexibility and confidence to develop global supply chain for temperature-sensitive products. There are lots of challenges to overcome in transportation of refrigerated cargo such as disruption in electrical supply for reefers, loading/unloading operations in locations where temperatures are not regulated, and equipment availability. Modern fleet of equipment, well-designed processes and a through risk analysis procedure are hired at Sea-Lead to overcome these challenges and to ensure your perishable cargo stays in an optimal condition from start to finish.

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