Dry Cargo

Optimized services to meet our customer’s most common trade

Optimized services to meet our customer’s most common trade

High quality service for all Dry Cargoes

Our strong team of dedicated, motivated and highly quality personnel along with our valuable experience through the past years has enabled us to provide premium service to respond timely to the ever changing needs of our customers. At Sea-Lead, all kind of Dry Cargoes including Retail, Fashion, Automotive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Chemical and Dangerous Goods are handled.

Shipping Dangerous Goods with Sea-Lead     

Dangerous goods (DGs) are substances that jeopardize health, safety, property or the environment. To mitigate the high risk associated with DGs, highest safety precautions are applied at Sea-Lead during all transport chain.  There are lots of necessities concerning safe transport of Dangerous Goods; large amount of documents and certificates need to be issued and delivered which make the transportation of DGs a highly complex task. The members of our DG department with global experience handle all these complexity for our customers to ship their Dangerous Cargo with ease of mind and safety.     

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