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Specializing in the Export

we have recently started a Regional operation office in Dubai; moreover, a ‎good network of agencies represent- ing Sea-Lead in 18 different countries is ‎already in place

Feeder Service Provider

Sea Lead shipping provides feeder services in which cargoes are shipped by water in smaller vessels to/from a transhipment port for loading to or unloading from larger ocean- going vessels.

Global Shipping Service

For all our trades, we strive to operate the biggest possible ships. This allows us to share the slot cost benefits to our customers.

About Us

Constantly Growing

Sea-Lead Shipping Pte Ltd is a privately owned company registered in Singapore end of March 2017.

We started our activities by purchasing slots on various Main Liner Operator and Feeder services to respond to the demand of some NVOCC clients; since then, our volume had grown up. In October 2017, we started operating our first vessel (M/v Glory – 1000 Teus nominal capacity) between Jeddah and Port Sudan.

Today we are specialized in Red Sea, Gulf, India Sub Continent and South East Asia connections; thru slots agreements or own services we are committed to give good quality and efficient connections to
all our valuable Customers.

In addition to our Singapore Head Office, we have recently started a Regional operation office in Dubai; moreover, a good network of agencies representing Sea-Lead in 18 different countries is already in place.

Despite the young age, our company is already recognized as regional expert within the shipping and container industry; our strong team of dedicated, motivated and highly quality personnel can timely respond to the ever changing needs of the various forwarder, merchants, NVOCC and Main Liner operator.


Our Services

Our current service portfolio extended to geographical area that covers Red Sea, Gulf, India Subcontinent, South East Asia and East Africa. We are constantly growing our network to give efficient connection to all our valuable customers.

  • Sudan
  • Aden
  • IRS
  • Coastal
  • GIX
  • CIS
  • FAM
  • CCS

Performa Weekly Schedule

  • ETA Jeddah: Mon (Rolling)
  • ETA Sudan: Thu (Rolling)
  • Terminals

    • Jeddah (GCT/DPW/RSGT)
    • Port Sudan

    Vessel Information

    • M.V. JULIE – 1735 TEUs
    • M.V. SCIO SKY – 2732 TEUs

    Performa Weekly Schedule

    • ETA Jeddah: Mon (Rolling)
    • ETA Aden: Thu/Fri (Rolling)


    • Jeddah (GCT/DPW/RSGT)
    • Aden (ACT)

    Vessel Information

    • M.V. SL TWEETY – 2490 TEUs
    • M.V. MANET – 2272 TEUs

    Performa Weekly Schedule

    • Nava Sheva: NSICT-Mon
    • Mundra: MICT-Wed
    • Djibuti: Tue
    • King Abdulla: FRI
    • Jeddah: RSGT-Fri


    Vessel Information

    • M/V Noro

    Performa Schedule: (Twice Weekly)

    From/To Jabel Ali Connections to:

    • Ajman
    • Sharjah
    • Ras Al Khaimah
    • Khalifa


    • Jebel Ali (T1, T2 & T3)
    • Ajman (HAJT)
    • Sharjah (GCT)
    • Ras Al Khaimah (Saqr Port)
    • Abu Dhabi (CSP)

    Vessel Information

    • M.V. PLUTO – 490 TEUs

    Performa Weekly Schedule

  • Jebel Ali: DPW T1 - SAT
  • Hamad: HMD - MON
  • Mundra: MICT- MON
  • Kandla: KICT- TUS
  • Terminals

    • Jebel Ali
    • Umm Qasr

    Vessel Information

    • M/V Nikos – 3534 Teus
    • M/V AVNI – 2,459 TEUs

    Performa Weekly Schedule

    • Shanghai: SSCT - Mon
    • Ningbo: BCT - Tue
    • Shekou: SCT - Fri
    • Port Kelang: WTP - Fri
    • Nhava Sheva: NSICT - Sat
    • Mundra: MICT- Mon
    • Port Kelang: WTP - Thu


    Vessel Information

    • 5 Vessels x 3,500 TEUs
      Sea-Lead own vessel: MV. CO KOBE 4578 TEUs

    Performa Weekly Schedule

  • Qingdao W
  • Pusan
  • Shanghai
  • Ningbo
  • Nansha
  • Port Kelang
  • Jebel Ali
  • Hamad
  • Port Kelang E
  • Qingdao
    DPW T1

    Vessel Information

    • M.V GENOA - 5,544 TEUs
    • M.V COSCO NAGOYA- 4,578 TEUs
    • M.V CONTI CORDOBA - 4,946 TEUs
    • M.V ARGUELLO - 4,228 TEUs
    • M.V SYDNEY TRADER - 5,047 TEUs
    • M.V RHL CONSCIENTIA - 4,664 TEUs
    • M.V BIGLI- 6,350 TEUs

    Performa Weekly Schedule



    Vessel Information

    • M.V SALBORA - 998 TEUs

    Performa Weekly Schedule

    • Colombo: JCT: Tue
    • Kolkata - Sat


    Vessel Information

    • M/V Contship Lex

    Our Capabilities

    Why You Choose Us

    Best Offer

    We readily offer customers a variable cost rather than fixed locked-in cost.

    Best Services

    Better frequency. With many of our services offering more than two sailings a week.

    Best Possible Ship

    For all our trades, we strive to operate the best possible ships.

    Stress Proof

    Proven dynamism and resilience in complex ship management and transition projects. Pillars: know-how, professionalism, flexibility.


    Want to benefit as well as you should from the competitive scale and rate advantages provided by marine container transport?

    Hign Standard

    Our aim is to keep providing a high standard service level and, by continuous ‎investments in technology and human resources.


    High service level based on sustainable relationships with maritime partners including charterers, shipyards, ship brokers, fellow companies, suppliers and shipping banks.


    Sea Lead’s equipment fleet offers 20’ Standard, 40’ and 45’ Palletwide containers, as well as a range of specialist equipment. including 45’ Hi-Cube Palletwide Refrigerated.

    All Round

    All key facilities under one roof, ranging from commercial, financial and technical management to chartering, broking, building supervision and project financing.


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    Reliable feeder services
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